Youth in Action project "Remote Communities Under One Europe"14-23 august 2009

The ”Remote communities under one Europe” project is one multilateral youth exchange, meant în bringing together people from different nationalities, cultures, places under the same roof.
34 young people from 6 countries during 8 days will live, work, think together. They will play, talk, share ideas and experiences, be european citizen’s in the most eastern city of European Union, Sulina. The participants will bring theirs contribution in drawing the scheme of life in remote places, as Sulina city (reached only by boat), and share it along with other experiences and time together with the youth of Sulina hosting city.
Being european citizen even in remote cities or villages is not less important than any other big city inhabitant. The participants will explore what means to be european citizen and ways to better communicate this status.
Development of european awareness and it s expression towards people around us will be the luggage that the participants take home and multiply in theirs communities.

proiect "Remote Communities Under One Europe" 14-23 august 2009

Tema proiectului ”Remote communities under one Europe”, a facut ca 34 de tineri, provenind din sase tari ale Europei: Italia, Germania, Spania, Turcia, Olanda şi România, sa se uneasca intr-un grup, cu scopul de a face un pas inainte in directia integrarii “comunitatilor izolate” (indiferent de tipul lor de izolare), in marea Comunitate Europeana.
Pentru aceasta s-a ales ca loc de desfasurare Sulina, cea mai estica localitate a Uniunii Europene, asezare izolata geografic.
La proiect, printre participanti s-au aflat si tineri dezavantazati social si persoane cu dizabilitati.
Perioada aleasa, a fost 14 - 23.08.2009, si s-a tinut cont de faptul ca la Sulina urma sa se desfasoare Festivalului National de Folclor al Minoritatilor "Serbarile Deltei” editia a IX-a, un foarte bun prilej pentru a introduce in dezbatere tema comuniunii armonioase a mai multor minoritati in acelasi spatiu, precum si de a da o culoare locala proiectului prin accesul la frumusetile folclorului romanesc/dobrogean, Mai mult s-a dorit să fie prezentate bunele practici de toleranţă dinz convieţuirea laolaltă a minotitatilor si etniilor de pe aceste meleaguri.
Activităţile s-au desfasurat intr-o atmosfera deosebit de placuta, caldă şi prietenoasă.


Dumi's impressions

From the first evening of 14.08.09, when we meet in Tulcea, between me and Chriss (the leader of Dutch team), was a connection with a lot of laugh and good spirit. We were roomies in tulcea and also in Sulina. So sunday morning on 16.08.09, on our first morning in Sulina, before breakfast we wanted to go and to drink a coffee on the beach. But because we didn’t know how far is the beach to the camp we gone walking. After few minutes of walking I asked a man: “Where is the beach?”. He said: “Straight .” But I didn’t asked how far it is. Lucky me! Anyway we drunk a coffee on the beach and Chriss wanted to walk back to the camp. But I said to him: “ No way man.” And I think I had a good reason. Because after this morning walk I was tired for the rest of the day and I hardly moved my feet. But this is just one from many stories that I had about this exchange.


Captains diary
Log date 15.08.2009
the full team consisting in 6 countries representatives 34 people and one support team from Adapto set up on the boat for Sulina
almost 3 hour by boat we arrived on location - the moust eastern city of European Union
we unpacked and set for the rooms
some of the participants are amazed of how far is here (Sulina) from the landing point (Bucharest)
Italy team
log date 15.08.2009
we started this morning with a small energizer and a walk in Tulcea City
Tulcea is a small but quite clean city
we got to know each other a litte bit on the way to Delta Eco Research Institute Museum
we found out a lot of things about the history of this place and of the settelments inside the Delta, some of them are very old
there will be a lot of beautiful things to do in Sulina
capitains diary
log date 14.08.2009
we arrived in Tulcea, a city on the Danube River,
we meet the people, quite a big group: Germans, Duch, Turkis, Italians, and Romanians
we traveled for 5 hours from Bucarest to Tulcea on the bus